Meet Pastor Dan & Peri Montijo

In 2013 it was a privilege to welcome our new Pastor Dan and his wife Peri Montijo to our city here in Covina, Ca. They started their journey with God in 1996 at The Door CFM in Redlands, Ca. At that time their marriage was 10 years in, broken and destroyed; but as God began to pick them up, convert their hearts and gave them a purpose of Gods plan in their lives. As they served God in the Redlands Church they became involved in all that the Church was doing and leadership came around quite quickly. They were saved 9 months when asked to take over the Children’s Church Ministry which included 65 to 70 children and just the 2 of them with no real structure. So they began their journey with the kids ages 3-12 and incorporated structure and fun ways to teach the kids the word of God. As others in the congregation wanted to get involved God was able to build that ministry up to 12 couples, breaking the kids up in age groups and having children’s church every service. As they continued that ministry they were able to go to our church in San Luis Mexico and hold a teaching seminar on how they ran their children’s church. They were also asked to do seminars in Prescott Arizona’s main Children’s Church Conference every year for about 5 years. Furthermore, they were able to hold a Southern California Children’s Church Seminar in The Redlands church for the churches in Southern California. Dan and Peri were also bible study leaders, Outreach leaders, song leaders and always supporting the vision of their Pastor. In 2006 God challenged them to a new journey and they were launched into Riverside, Ca to pioneer their own church. As they landed there, taking all the fellowship standards with them they began to build a work for God in that city. 6 1/2 years later they gave that work over to another Pastor and went back to their mother church(Redlands). Now as God lead them here to Covina they have reached many souls, changed lives, raised people up in ministry, and have helped many strengthen their walk with God. Dan and Peri are believing God as they reach the city of Covina.